Home Ownership Programs

Qualifying for a home mortgage can be a challenge especially after the recent economic crisis. Many public and private lenders require that borrowers complete a homebuyer education course provided by a HUD-certified housing counseling agency. The CDC is certified to provide the required course and the necessary counseling to enable potential first-time homebuyers to succeed.

A major challenge for homebuyers is saving enough cash for the required down payment. The CDC works with agencies and programs that may be able to provide up to $15,000 in no-cost down payment assistance. All such programs have income limits based upon family size. However, some down payment assistance programs can be linked with other programs and the combined assistance may enable even very low income applicants to obtain a mortgage loan.

Another challenge may be overcoming credit issues and building an acceptable credit score. The CDC is not a credit counseling agency, however our certified housing counselors can provide valuable guidance and a referral to a credit counseling agency if advisable.

In the recent past the CDC has developed affordable new and rehabilitated single-family homes which have then been sold to HUD income eligible families. Check with us to determine whether any properties are presently available.


Homes developed and sold by the CDC:


Homes rehabilitated and sold by the CDC:


Funding by:

North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
North Carolina Community Development Initiative
City of Wilmington
Housing Assistance Council

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