NC Foreclosure Prevention Program

Unfortunately the economic downturn and foreclosure crisis has had a devastating impact on many homeowners in the Cape Fear region. Many have had to suffer the loss of their homes. However, just because you’ve lost your job, you may not have to lose your home. The North Carolina Foreclosure Prevention Fund administered by the NC Housing Finance Agency (NCHFA) has enabled thousands of North Carolinians to save their homes. Cape Fear Regional CDC is a partner agency of NCHFA. The NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund offers zero-interest, deferred loans up to $36,000 to cover your mortgage and related expenses for up to 36 months. The loan can also be used to bring your mortgage current. You don’t have to be behind on your mortgage to qualify for assistance.

The Second Mortgage Refinance Program may help you refinance a high-cost second mortgage and reduce your monthly payments to an affordable level.


Funding by:

North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
North Carolina Community Development Initiative
Bank of America
New Hanover County Community Foundation
North Carolina Community Foundation

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